Uncovering Our Roots

Welcome to Gabby Bee Illustration!

Take a delightful detour in our Natural History Haven where our passion lies in celebrating the intricate beauty of nature and the wonder of exploring our natural world. 

Our founder, Gabby, is a bit of a science nerd, with a flair for design, and a soft spot for dark academia vibes. Our shop is the culmination of a lifelong fascination with the mysteries of our planet and Gabby has channeled this passion into curating a collection of meticulously crafted, high-quality gifts that appeal to all those who share a deep love for the natural sciences.

Step into our virtual shop, and you'll discover a world where scientific precision meets a touch of whimsy. From critter anatomy that'll peak your curiosity to landscape prints that'll have you dreaming of secret gardens, every item here is like a little slice of natural history heaven where curosity and wonder of the natural world collide. 

Join us in celebrating the wonders of natural history through our fun and fabulous products. As we keep growing and evolving, we promise to keep the spirit of adventure alive in everything we do. Thanks for being a part of our expedition!

Inspired by museums

Based in West Yorkshire, England, we often venture into The Natural History Museum London to inspire our next collection.

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