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Vintage Trees Sticker Pack

Vintage Trees Sticker Pack

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A pack of 4 gloss vintage tree stickers from an antique nature book including oak, silver birch, walnut, and larch trees.

This pack was created from my love of natural history and the aesthetic of old nature books.
At first glance, these stickers can appear blurry or out of focus but this is intentional and adds to the vintage style - if you look closely at some of the closeup images you can see the texture from the printing method used in the original book.
I hope that you love the stickers as much as I do!

Each sticker is printed on high-quality gloss paper meaning they are water resistant but not waterproof, they have lasted years on my laptop but will last around a month in higher wear areas such as the back of a phone.
The stickers in this pack have the following sizes:
- Oak tree - 6.5cm x 6.7cm
- Walnut tree - 6.5cm x 6.7cm
- Larch tree - 5cm x 6.7cm
- Silver Birch tree - 4.5cm x 6.7cm

All stickers are available individually on my shop.
Please reach out to me with a message if you have any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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